Rugged Electrix™

Power and charge all consumer electronics outdoors.

Our Rugged Electrix products are designed to conform to IP69 — Ingress Protection. Additionally these products are designed to be vibration proof, UV stable, oil/gas resistant and glove friendly.

Powersport Standard Connector - Powerlet® connectors (outlets) conform to a worldwide DIN ISO standard and provide a "snap-fit" so they do not disconnect while you are driving. Automotive cigarette outlets lack a manufacturing standard often causing a loose fit. Cigarette connectors (outlets) are also not rated for high currents. Powerlet sockets are smaller, vibration proof and can handle more power than a standard automotive cigarette socket. Whether you are on the road, in the woods or on the snow, you can reliably power your consumer electronics with a Powerlet connector. Current products are sold into the powersport industry.

The Luggage Electrix™ system is designed to help quickly hide expensive electronics when you step away from your open cabin vehicle. Along with a smartphone, a GPS or Radar Detector can also be plugged-in inside the luggage. There is no need to unplug your electronics every time you stop for gas, food or to stretch.

Powerlet®, Luggage Electrix™, and Rugged Electrix™ are trademarks of Coliant Group LLC. Patented.

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