Safe, automated, energy-efficient thermal comfort for a wide variety of seating applications.

Using our patent pending Microclimate Technology, SeatClimate offers both heating and cooling. The highest level of thermal comfort is achived with the least amount of power consumed. Current industries include automotive, medical and powersport. Products and design services are offered by ASC Craft.

Our engineers have over 50 years of combined experience developing microclimates. We are experienced in deploying Microclimate Technology into seat environments with a variety of mainstream tools including ASIC's and Smartphone Apps. Our engineering team is recognized as a global leader in seat climate technology as seen in USA Today.

Microclimate Technology™ and Personal Climate Control Systems™ are trademarks of Coliant Group LLC.

Carbon NanoCore™ and DuraCore™ heating elements are trademarks of Coliant Group LLC.

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