About Us


Wired for life.

As an award winning developer of several technologies including Rugged Electrix™, Microclimate Technology™, and Tailored Fiber Placement™ we primarily serve the automotive and powersport industries. More recently we have deepened our prior relationship with the Department of Defense and are now in negotiations with companies in several industries including sporting goods and aerospace.

Customers should expect a lot from us - we are only successful when our customers are successful. If you're innovating for the future, already providing products globally or a retail dealer who depends on providing excellent products and services, our job is helping you grow your company. This approach provides the foundation for our partnerships, it creates an environment for us to tackle challenges together. Presently Coliant is engaged with more than 10 Fortune 500 companies.

For instance, Coliant employees work hard every day to maximize the comfort, convenience and safety for motorcyclists through the worldwide manufacture and distribution of our Rugged Electrix products. Our daily efforts are designed to be a win for the customer, dealer, industry experts and OEM's alike. Being in the trenches developing a new Rugged Electrix product category in the powersport market has taught us a few lessons. Sharing this practical, real-world, experience for the good of the powersport community is an important part of our company's mission.

Our Microclimate Technology has been tested in some of the toughest environments on planet earth. Twenty-Five degrees with 80 mile/hr winds are not a problem. Both manned and un-manned testing has been performed by the Department of Defense with excellent results as published by the Office of Naval Research.

Our newest technology, Tailored Fiber Placement, allows our customers to orient fibers along the load cases in their products to create a substantially lighter weight, stronger part with a lower production cost. Verified by Oakridge National Laboratories and Michigan State Universities Advanced Automotive Composites Laboratory this breakthrough technology leads the industry with the lightweighting of vehicles.

Headquartered in Warren, Michigan we have design facilities in the USA and manufacturing facilities in both the USA and Asia.

Company Strategies

Provide unique solutions to market opportunities.

Strive daily to be subject matter experts.

Work effectively, not conventionally.

Continuously improve our quality.

Data drives our decisions.

Allocate the proper resources for performing the work activities.

Encourage teamwork and train our staff.

Ensure that activities are safe for employees.